Tuesday, May 17, 2005



It's been a while since I have posted.  Right now I have got cigarettes to last me to the beginning of the weekend!  Oh for joy!  And seeing that since this is Tuesday that means that I have enough to last for awhile (unless I go all nuts and start smoking more!). 

Can you believe that there is almost a $10 difference between buying a carton of cigarettes at my local supermarket versus my local gas station!  The gas station cost is much cheaper!  And when I told them they were surprised.  I wondering how many people still buy their cigarettes by the carton - since it costs so much.

Dude, you are crazy. However, I totally agree with about 99% of what you have ranted about. My vice is sex, yours - cigarettes. I smoke too, but I'd rather have a nice piece of ass than a cig. In fact, at this very moment I have just taken 2 puffs off my inhaler whilst waiting for my booty call to arrive and wondering if I should smoke one of my last two cigarettes until next Tuesday...

Well at least you have at least A cigarette. Sorry to have to tell you this but if given the choice of either cigarettes or sex - the sex loses!

Consider yourself lucky! A lot of people don't even have booty calls waiting to arrive - LOL!

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